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Tammy Fender Capillary Strengthening Blend

Tammy Fender Capillary Strengthening Blend

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Nourish and repair dull, wanting skin with Tammy Fender’s Capillary Strengthening Blend; a revolutionary, botanical-sourced oil that seeks to advance the natural healing process for a unified and soothed complexion.
Ideal for those prone to rosacea, thread veins and redness, the lightweight, rapidly absorbed formula delivers an intense concentration of bioflavonoids, which stabilise and optimise the detoxifying effects of Vitamin C while preserving the fragile structure of blood capillaries.

Brimming with essential fatty acids and vital nutrients, the potent elixir delicately balances an aromatic blend of Neroli, Chamomile, Bois de Rose and Carrot, which work in synergy to repair delicate tissue at a deeper level, infusing skin with moisture and stimulating cell renewal.

Providing additional anti-inflammatory benefits and enhancing blood circulation, the reparative oil leaves skin feeling comfortable, replenished and regenerated with an even tone.

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